Tally Add On

Note : GST18% Applicable
Select One Product Type
 CodeProduct NameEnquiry
1TI001Incentive ReportEnquiry
35TI002Block Voucher on Negative Cash BalanceEnquiry
158TI003Mail After SaveEnquiry
154TI004Bill Overdue ApprovalsEnquiry
155TI005Group Co. Purchase RegisterEnquiry
159TI006Multiple NarrationEnquiry
94TI007Voucher Import From ExcelEnquiry
121TI008Multi-Data PathEnquiry
194TI009Master SynchronizationEnquiry
160TI010First in First BatchEnquiry
156TI012Group Co.Graphical ReportEnquiry
157TI013Outstanding Write OffEnquiry
95TI014Import Stock Items From ExcelEnquiry
161TI015Multi-Description in Stock ItemEnquiry
96TI016Price List Import From ExcelEnquiry
162TI017Transaction on System DateEnquiry
163TI018Credit Limit ApprovalsEnquiry
164TI019Auto Receipt While BillingEnquiry
165TI020Auto Selling RateEnquiry
166TI021Block Sales Voucher without Sales OrderEnquiry
167TI023Check Ledger While BillingEnquiry
122TI024Customer Target Vs AchievementEnquiry
123TI025Customer Performance AnalysisEnquiry
168TI026FIFO in ReceiptEnquiry
124TI027Gift Scheme based on Customer TurnoverEnquiry
125TI028Graphical Report on Purchase Cost VarianceEnquiry
2TI029Godown OR Rack in Stock Item MasterEnquiry
126TI030Customer wise Profit ReportEnquiry
3TI031Sl.no For Stock Items in VouchersEnquiry
58TI033Reminder For Post Dates / Optional VouchersEnquiry
169TI034Invoice Tracking in Cr.NoteEnquiry
170TI035All Vouchers ApprovalEnquiry
171TI036Payment ApprovalEnquiry
172TI037Autopost Due VouchersEnquiry
57TI038Auto Purchase Order on Reorder LevelEnquiry
141TI039Attendance Import From ExcelEnquiry
36TI040Block Purchase without Purchse OrderEnquiry
59TI041Group Company Cash BookEnquiry
37TI042Block Configuration for usersEnquiry
142TI043Employee Master ImportEnquiry
4TI044Maintain Price List in ExcelEnquiry
5TI045Production ForecastingEnquiry
60TI046Report – Voucher HistoryEnquiry
6TI048Automate Manual NumberingEnquiry
173TI049Block Billing without TINEnquiry
97TI050Physical Stock Excel ImportEnquiry
174TI051Multi Expense Entry From Single ScreenEnquiry
175TI052Multiple CR- DR in Journal VoucherEnquiry
176TI053Net Rate BillingEnquiry
144TI054Outstanding in Invoice PrintEnquiry
145TI055Outstanding Statement with InvoiceEnquiry
7TI056Production PlanEnquiry
8TI057Material Consumption VarianceEnquiry
46TI058Order ApprovalsEnquiry
147TI059Auto Printer Selection – Voucher wiseEnquiry
98TI060Maintain Schemes in Excel for BillingEnquiry
143TI063Employee Profile PictureEnquiry
66TI064Auto Change ValuationEnquiry
67TI065Reorder level WarningEnquiry
47TI066Recycle BinEnquiry
134TI069Reminder on Outstanding ReceivablesEnquiry
48TI070Remove Delete option for UsersEnquiry
135TI071Order Follow up with reminderEnquiry
136TI072Customer wise Profit ReportEnquiry
49TI073Stock Item Description SearchEnquiry
50TI074Warning on low Sales PriceEnquiry
68TI075Group Co. Group ComparisonEnquiry
183TI077Show Last Purchase Cost in SalesEnquiry
99TI078Import Ledger Master From ExcelEnquiry
184TI079Free Qty Based on Billed Qty in InvoiceEnquiry
15TI080Set Image For Stock itemEnquiry
16TI081Reset Stock CategoryEnquiry
69TI082Report For Customer Statutory Reg. DetailsEnquiry
51TI085Block Overdue Credit InvoicingEnquiry
185TI087Stock item Previous Sales HistoryEnquiry
17TI089Reset Vat Commodity in Stock Item mastersEnquiry
18TI090Set Standard Cost in Multi Stock ItemsEnquiry
19TI092Price Level Selection For Each ItemEnquiry
186TI093Billing For Items Free with another ItemEnquiry
20TI094Reset Stock Group in Stock Item MastersEnquiry
117TI095Mini CRM ( for sales and service providers)Enquiry
52TI096Negative Stock Blocking on Multi Company StockEnquiry
118TI097Petrol pump solutionsEnquiry
137TI099Time Scheduled Auto Data BackupEnquiry
71TI100Dashboard (23 information’s in single report)Enquiry
53TI101Voucher Type SecurityEnquiry
21TI102Auto Stock Item Creation in Multi-CompaniesEnquiry
22TI103Increased Width in Tally Masters & VouchersEnquiry
100TI104Import from Excel – Item, Grp, Catgry, UOMEnquiry
101TI105Sales & Purchase Voucher import from ExcelEnquiry
187TI106Multi Company Billing From Single ScreenEnquiry
23TI107Manage Price Levels From Single ScreenEnquiry
102TI108Purchase Voucher Excel ImportEnquiry
103TI109Purchase Voucher (acconly) Excel ImportEnquiry
138TI110Inter Company Stock Transfer Between Godown’sEnquiry
148TI111Print Sales Quotation in Company Letter HeadEnquiry
104TI112Accounts Master Import From ExcelEnquiry
139TI113Outstanding Followup with Status ReportEnquiry
140TI114Outstanding Followup with Auto Reminder SystemEnquiry
72TI115Show Free Qty in Sales VoucherEnquiry
34TI116Barcode Label Print [Batch No as Barcode]Enquiry
73TI117Report for Group Company Ledger OutstandingEnquiry
74TI118Group Company Ledger O/s Receipt Auto-PostingEnquiry
38TI119Sales Voucher Details in Sales OrderEnquiry
12TI122Delete Empty Masters ledger/ItemsEnquiry
40TI123Last Purchase Cost + Tax in Stock SummaryEnquiry
177TI124Price List in PO, Receipt Note and in Purchase.Enquiry
41TI126System Date as Current Date in TallyEnquiry
61TI127Cost Center Wise Sales RegisterEnquiry
127TI128Multi-Company Ledger ConsolidationEnquiry
178TI129Font Configuration for Invoice PrintEnquiry
42TI130User wise Day BookEnquiry
146TI131TI131 Multi Voucher Printing as per SelectionEnquiry
128TI132Attach any Files with Ledger & Item MasterEnquiry
129TI133Vehicle Mileage ReportEnquiry
43TI138Ledger / Stock Item Alter History ReportEnquiry
180TI139Address Label Print on NovaJet MPL 12Enquiry
88TI141Bulk Email – Ledger Statement & OutstandingEnquiry
89TI144Scheduled Email Reporting DashBoard to CEO’sEnquiry
33TI145Print Barcode [Item alias as Barcode]Enquiry
62TI146Explode all levels in Balance Sheet, P/LEnquiry
130TI147Customer Vs Stock Item Sales ReportEnquiry
131TI148Cost Center wise Profit & Loss AccountEnquiry
132TI149Auto Production on SalesEnquiry
63TI150Group Company O/s Payable + Payment auto postEnquiry
181TI151Auto Payment voucher while PurchaseEnquiry
13TI152MRP in Price List & VAT on MRPEnquiry
133TI154Budget & Voucher ApprovalEnquiry
182TI155Print Multiple Vouchers as per SelectionEnquiry
14TI156Transfer Price List to Multi CompaniesEnquiry
64TI158Advance DashboardEnquiry
65TI159Owner DashboardEnquiry
44TI160Disable – Delete & Cancel for UsersEnquiry
45TI161Disable – BackUp & Restore for UsersEnquiry
188TI162Autopost multi receipt voucher while billingEnquiry
24TI163Enable Cost Centre for a Specific PeriodEnquiry
189TI164Image in – Invoice Print, Stock SummaryEnquiry
119TI166Admin Password RecoveryEnquiry
149TI167Create Alter date & Time in Print/Voucher/RegisterEnquiry
30TI168Stock Group wise DiscountEnquiry
150TI170Allow OR Disallow “Re-print” for Users.Enquiry
76TI171Stock Gallery (available stock & cost details)Enquiry
120TI172Supplier Scheme ManagementEnquiry
77TI173Advance day book totalling as per vouchertypeEnquiry
78TI174Save Report ConfigurationEnquiry
79TI175Voucher Info. Change HistoryEnquiry
80TI176Report on User Entry DetailsEnquiry
54TI177Block Duplicate Purchase VoucherEnquiry
190TI178GST% & HSN  in Item TableEnquiry
81TI179Show Part No, HSN, GST % in Stock SummaryEnquiry
105TI180GST Sales & Purchase Vouchers Import from ExcelEnquiry
106TI181Sales & Purchase Import without InventoryEnquiry
107TI182GST Details update from Excel to Item MastersEnquiry
108TI183GST Details update from Excel to Party MastersEnquiry
151TI184GST Invoice as per customer designEnquiry
109TI185GST – New Item Import from excelEnquiry
110TI186GST – Ledger Masters with GST+Bill wise OpeningEnquiry
112TI187Std.Cost & Std.Price Item Masters From ExcelEnquiry
82TI188Sales Man’s – Stock Group/ Category/ MonthlyEnquiry
32TI189Delete Unused – MasterEnquiry
83TI190Customer Vs Product & Product Vs CustomerEnquiry
152TI191Address Book With Label PrintEnquiry
84TI192Dynamic Stock SummaryEnquiry
153TI194Sign & Seal on – Tally Voucher PrintEnquiry
85TI195Discount based on item OR invoice valueEnquiry
55TI196Reminder on TaskEnquiry
56TI197Security Export & ImportEnquiry
113TI198BOM Import From ExcelEnquiry
114TI199Price List Import with auto Item creationEnquiry
115TI200Price List Import – qty range wise rateEnquiry
90TI201Email outstanding statement on specific day setEnquiry
191TI202User Wise Discount % limitEnquiry
91TI203Auto Email to owner voucher altered by userEnquiry
86TI204Automation Bulk “Re-Accept”Enquiry
192TI206Show Live Details of Item While BillingEnquiry
116TI207Excel Import – Receipt , Payment & JVEnquiry
92TI208Bulk Email Sales Invoice on Button ClickEnquiry
193TI209Hold & Recall Multiple Bills in Tally ERP9Enquiry
93TI210Scheduled Bulk Email O/s & Ledger StatementEnquiry
87TI211Optimize Stock SummaryEnquiry